November 4, 2019

Win an Oryx Desert Salt Hamper

desert salt hamper

Salt is the most basic, but essential, cooking ingredient. It’s used in pretty much every dish, savoury or sweet. But it’s more than just seasoning and not all salt is created equal – the wrong type of salt can make or break your dish. 

We pride ourselves on providing you with healthy, unprocessed foods that are sustainably and ethically sourced – and we’re so glad to find a salt brand that not shares this philosophy, but also has incredible tasting products. We’re very happy to be teaming up this week with Oryx Desert Salt for an exciting giveaway!

The brand is named after the majestic Oryx Antelope, or Gemsbok, which can survive 2 years without water, but can’t survive more than 2 months without salt in the harsh desert conditions. Oryx Desert Salt is locally produced in the beautiful Kalahari Desert, 250km north of Upington. It comes from a completely renewable resource. Salt water is extracted from an ancient underground lake, replenished by underground streams flowing through  ancient Dwyka rock formations. This water source is truly remote, which means it hasn’t been exposed to any pollution – unlike sea salt, which is now increasingly found to contain microplastics. It is then naturally sun-dried in a pan to pure, coarse desert salt, and packed as is. No preservatives or anticaking agents are added. Being unrefined and unprocessed means it is rich in minerals and trace elements required by the body, like magnesium, zinc and potassium. These minerals give it a pure, unique flavour profile – a far more complex taste than just “salty” like regular table salt.

They are packaged in glass bottles with high quality ceramic grinders which can be reused again and again with their convenient refill boxes – not only cost effective but also minimizing waste. Oryx Desert Salt is used by many international chefs to enhance the flavour of their dishes. 

The hamper in our giveaway will contain the Desert Salt, and also their other gourmet salts. Wine salt, which is infused with Shiraz, and smoked salt which gives a lovely smoky flavour to any dish. You’ll also get a snazzy Oryx apron, as well as a pepper grinder.

To stand a chance to win, like the Day To Day and Oryx Desert Salt Facebook pages and tag 2 friends on our Facebook post. And get your order in before Saturday 4pm 🙂