Terms & Conditions



Welcome to DayToDay and our relevant Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the ‘terms’).  The following terms have a direct effect on your legal rights so please make sure you read them carefully and comprehensively.

By ordering any of our products, subscribing to any of our services, accessing our website or conducting business with us in any other way you are implicitly confirming acceptance, and are consequently bound by these terms.

DayToDay reserves the sole right to alter any terms as we see fit and will notify you of any such changes.

The terms apply as of the date the above-mentioned interaction took place.


  1. Privacy Policy

For all information pertaining to how we collect and use personal information please refer to our Privacy Policy.


  1. Service Availability

Our website and services are available exclusively to those residing in South Africa. Our delivery is limited to those areas specified by our sales agents.

In accordance with South African law, no alcohol will be given to those under the age of 18. If you receive alcohol via the website you are confirming that you are over the age of 18.


  1. Subscription Contract

By subscribing to DayToDay services you agree to receive products on a recurring weekly basis.

By subscribing to DayToDay services you are agreeing to pay for the products received on a recurring weekly basis.

The above agreements will continue until either you or we pause or end the subscription contract in accordance with clause 12 of this document.

The weekly subscription amount will be charged to your account every Wednesday at 12h00.


4. Credit Card Acquiring – Payment Gateway

Credit Card Transactions are acquired by Virtual Card Services (Pty) Ltd, a registered systems operator and payment gateway in South Africa. View Virtual Card Service’s security and privacy policy here.

Your credit card details will, in accordance with legislation, be kept secure and not be accessible by any unauthorised individual.


  1. Delivery Terms

DayToDay delivery service is limited to the areas specified on the website. Delivery will take place between 8am and 5pm daily.

You may amend your delivery address the day delivery is scheduled to take place, but must then accept that delivery might then be delayed a few hours.

If for whatever reason delivery to the specified address is not possible we will attempt to contact you via your details provided on the website to make alternative arrangements.

If we cannot make contact with you in a reasonable time you will have 24 hours from the scheduled delivery time to make contact to arrange for an alternative. Failure to do so will result in your service being forfeit with no refund.

DayToDay will not be held responsible for delays of service that are outside of our control.

  1. Ownership and Risk

Ownership of the products will transfer to you once full payment in respect of said product has been received.

You (the customer) will bear full risks once the delivery has been dispatched.


  1. Pricing and Payment

Products are priced as they appear on the website at time of order, with the exception of obvious error.

DayToDay reserves the right to alter the price of any product, at any time, at our discretion.

Orders that have already been placed and paid for will not be subject to price changes.

Orders will only be dispatched once payment has been received in full.

  1. Substitutions
DayToDay will endeavor to ensure that all orders include all products as advertised; however, we reserve the right to substitute or alter certain products.
No alteration or substitution will be arbitrary or unfair, but based on reasonable grounds.
DayToDay will endeavor to ensure customer satisfaction and if such a substitution or alteration can- on justifiable grounds- be shown to reduce satisfaction, we may offer a discount or refund or any other remedial measure as we see fit.  

9. Refund Policy
If you have any dissatisfaction with a product or service please contact us at [email protected].
DayToDay reserves the right to request reasons for dissatisfaction of service and the return of faulty products to be inspected.
Faulty products must be returned with 24 hours for inspection.
If fault is agreed, or dissatisfaction deemed reasonable by us, we may issue a discount or a refund.
DayToDay reserves the right to refuse a refund or discount.
10. Waivers
DayToDay bears no responsibility for risks, damages or illnesses caused by our products.
You are solely responsible for the proper preparation and consumption of our products.
By ordering DayToDay products you are acknowledging that we store, portion, and package products containing all major allergies and thus cannot guarantee that no cross-contamination between products will occur.  
11. Promotion Codes
From time to time promotional discounts will be on offer in the form of promotional codes. These codes will be subject to the terms specified for that specific code.
12. Termination of Service Order
To pause/terminate a subscription contract you must log on to  and pause/cancel through your profile.
Weekly subscriptions must be cancelled by Wednesday 12h00 the week before.

Any orders that are already in the delivery cycle cannot be cancelled or refunded.
DayToDay reserves the right not to renew your subscription – at our sole discretion.
13. Intellectual Property Rights
DayToDay is the owner of all intellectual property rights pertaining to all material published on our site.
As such all material is protected by copyright laws and consequently reserved.
You may print single copies and download extracts from our site, as far as they are for personal use.
To use any material from our site or any other of our intellectual property for commercial use requires permission from us – contravention of this will result in a criminal offence.
Any comments pertaining to our products, services, or DayToDay itself existing on any public or quasi-public platform is irrevocably authorized for our use by your subscription contract.
14. Choice of Law
DayToDay is a South African based company and as such South African law will govern all disputes pertaining to our services, without regard for conflict of law principles that could allow a foreign jurisdiction.  
15. Disclaimer
DayToDay reserves the right to revise and amend any of these terms and conditions at time to time in order to accurately reflect changes in in market conditions that affect our business. All amendments will be timeously communicated to all customers.
The terms and conditions will apply as they stand at the time of commencement of the subscription.