October 20, 2019

South Africa is ranked as the unhealthiest country in the world… what can we do about it?

The Indigo Wellness Index, compiled by Bloomsbury Economics, ranks over 150 countries from most to least healthiest… and this year we’ve come out on the bottom. 

They look at ten specific lifestyle habits and health factors when compiling the ranking: Blood pressure, blood glucose, obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, exercise, healthy life expectancy, and government spending on healthcare. 

The healthiest countries according to their ranking were Canada, Oman, and Iceland. 

This might come as a shock to many of us, but instead of dwelling on this Index we can look to the future and make it brighter and healthier. Instead of looking at this study in despair and thinking we don’t have the power to do anything, and it’s out of our hands, we should remember that every small effort counts. 

So, today we’re looking at how we’re working to make South Africa healthier, and showing you some ways that you can too!

How day to day is making South Africa healthier

We make it easier for you to eat healthily

Many customers of ours have changed their eating habits for the better since getting deliveries from day to day. Shopping, meal planning and cooking healthy meals can take way too much time and effort, and popping out to grab a unhealthy takeaway on the way home is the simpler choice for many people. 

Now, our customers know that there’s healthy, ready-to-cook ingredients in their fridge and a simple to follow recipe waiting for them at home, so they can skip the drive-through and live better.

We share nutritional advice and healthy tips and recipes

Our blog is full of information about healthy foods and nutritional advice, as well as healthy day to day recipes. This information is accessible to everyone – anyone in South Africa can get delicious healthy recipes from Chef Gino and professional information – for free. 

And what can you do? 

Sharing is caring

Has day to day made your life healthier? Are you finding it easier to eat healthily with us than you were before? If so, change someone elses life by telling them about SA’s healthiest foodbox delivery service. So they can make their life healthier too. 

Knowledge is power

Do you like the articles and recipes we share? Well, by sharing the information you might give someone else the knowledge to make smarter food choices.

Raise them right

 Get kids helping in the kitchen from a young age. Teach them to pack their own school lunches. By giving them the skills and knowledge to make healthy foods at a young age you’re helping set them up for health success in the future, and helping ensure the next generation is healthier than the last.

Of course, we cant fix all the lifestyle habits and health factors of every person in the country by snapping our fingers (if only) but what we can do is help make little day to day changes, which will add up in the end.