Snack Packs

A large pack of healthy nuts and delicious snackables. Portioned out to easily grab for the day every morning.

Keep your between-meals snacking healthy & natural with the Snack Pack Add-On.
Choose between the Mid-Day Booster pack and the Power Morning Pack

They are both a combination of 10 conveniently-divided packets; combinations of seeds, dried fruits, nuts and surprises!

What’s in the Mid-Day Booster and Power Morning packs?

See below and pick one for your box!

Mid-Day Booster

  1. 1. Magic mix (roasted almonds, banana chips, ginger chunks, mango strips and guava disks)
    2. Chutney corn

3. Cranberry cash mix (cranberries and cashew nuts)
4. Deluxe cubes (mini cubes, dried; papaya, pineapple cubes and strawberries) x2
5. Peanuts & raisins
6. Very Berry mix (strawberry cubes, raisins, currents, sultanas and cranberries)
7. Deluxe mix (hazelnuts and Jumbo raisins)
8. Eureka mix (pecan pieces, almonds, hazelnut balls, sultanas and cranberries)
9. Special fruit mix (dried fruit mix and turkish apricots)
10. Snack attack (fun munchies!)

Power Morning

1. Nut Selection (mixed roasted nuts)
2. Seed Mix (chopped cashews & seed mix)
3. Jungle Mix (Trail mix, yoghurt peanuts & coconut flakes)
4. Multi-Vitamin (cranberry & pumpkin mix)
5. Breakfast Booster (mix)
6. Health Seed Mix (seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, giant red-skin peanuts & jumbo raisins)
7. Rice Crackers
8. Berry Madness Mix (Cranberries, currents, raisins, sultanas)
9. Cranberries (fun munchies!)
10. Tropical Berry Mix (pineapple cubes, strawberry cubes, papaya cubes, medium raisins)

How Do I Get My SnackPack?

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Your Snack Pack will be added to your day to day box.
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