After the success of our pizza recipes, we’ve decided to launch a dedicated Friday Pizza add-on option. You can now pick from 4 different party-sized pizzas every week…

The speciality bases and range of toppings will be included in your normal DayToDay Box being delivered on Mondays, meaning you have another day of hassle-free and fun cooking in store for your family.

How do the options work?

Your Rustica and Familia options are two curated styles of (delicious) pizza.
One from each is always on the menu, and the rest rotate weekly.


Check out this week’s pizzas, for delivery with your day to day DinnerKit or LunchboxKit 

on Monday, 28th October.

Here are this week’s Pizza Options

Familia (standard)Pepperoni

Rustica (standard) Coppa Margharita

Familia (speciality) Crispy Mince Tex Mex

A DayToDay classic crispy mince on a taco inspired pizza….yes that’s right…..Mexico and Italy coming together with sweet black beans, crunchy peppers and salty olive wonder.

Rustica (speciality) Sticky Asian

Take out…..fake out…..not with DayToDay….this sticky fried beef and sesame red cabbage and carrot rustic pizza will have you indoors and enjoying time well kept…..

“We've had the most fun in the past weeks! My husband and I have prepared meals together, enjoyed eating them and then rated each meal thereafter. Thank you DayToDay."

- Deone, CT

"Very convenient... I don't have to plan meals or go shopping for ingredients. I now have extra time for my kids!!"

- Sorita, JHB