December 6, 2018

How to Have a Killer Festive Feast… and live to tell the tale 🎁🌱

But with all of the socializing, indulging and festive activities during this season, how can we also maintain our figures and physical health through the festive season?  The ideal approach is one that minimizes stress (a crucial – and seldom discussed -contributor to fluctuating physical wellbeing), while keeping the feasting within the realm of real foods, predictable portions and above all else, making the healthy option the easiest most appealing. So what can we do to start the New Year feeling healthy, but at the same time not having to skip out on the fun? Let’s cut to the chase… Here are a couple tricks that will help you stay healthy this season, while having as much fun as you possibly can, in and out of the kitchen: Manage your snacks. There is always food on display during the festive season. More often than not, those snacks result in excessive calorie intake. So choose wisely. Go for nuts, biltong or some fruit. Avoid things like chips, chocolates and biscuits. If you are having a dip, make your own. Store-bought dips are very high in sugar. Simply use low fat cream-cheese and flavor it using salt, pepper, lemon juice/pepperdews or some powdered biltong. Another tip would be to use fresh vegetables to dip instead of chips.

Most importantly: snacks are almost always a result of there not being a proper meal, or convenient foodie fun, available to you. A planned-out festive meal is almost always a better idea than constant snacking.

Be More Active.   Whether it be a walk on the beach with your family, an ocean swim in the morning or a fun game of touch rugby, the opportunities are endless and there is no excuse not to do something active while being on holiday. Not only will it be a chance to bond with your loved ones, it will also boost your metabolism, release endorphins and make you feel so much better. This is the time to be happy together as family and friends – make the most of it!

Do not starve yourself for the big feast. This will only cause you to overeat and lose control over what you dish up on your plate. Have a small healthy snack before meal time, to ensure you are not starving. If you’re starving, you’ll likely dish yourself half of the glazed pork, and all of the dessert. Not this year. You’ve got this! #strength

Watch the Drinks. Alcoholic and fizzy drinks are hidden sugar and calorie bombs. Try to avoid overindulging in alcohol and choose a few non-alcoholic options. Spice them up! For example: Add some fruit or mint/rosemary to sparkling water, watermelon ice cubes, or make your own ice tea. This will not only help you avoid excessive calorie intake, but it will also help you stay well hydrated and energized.

  Some other tips regarding drinks are:

    • Mix white wine with soda water. If you don’t want to dilute your wine, go for dry wine. That contains less sugar and fewer calories.
    • Avoid alcopops – especially the fruity ones! They don’t taste a lot like alcohol, which makes them super quick and easy to drink. Look out for sugar free options, or otherwise dilute them with soda-water.
    • When mixing your brandy coke (etc), go for the ‘zero sugar’ soft drink options to cut down on the sugar content of your drink. This one’s a no-brainer.

By sticking to these simple guidelines and being a tad more mindful this festive season, you won’t overeat or stress your body’s delicate cycles. Start 2k19 a little lighter than usual 😉 Ps: we’ve created a feast that ticks all of my personal dietitian boxes – with just a bit of lee-way given for festive fun 😉 Have a look at it over here: The DayToDay Festive Box

Merry Christmas everybody! 😀 We’ve taken the stress out of the festive season, and put together one of the best feasts of the year. Get excited for Christmas or New Year feasting, and bring on a healthier, happier 2019!

Check out the festive menu! And if you have any further tips for the Festive Season, let us know in the comments below! 😀