How does this work?

We make your life easier (and better) by helping you eat healthy and delicious meals during the week. You pick one of our meal plans that suit your lifestyle – whether you’re a family with fussy eaters, avoiding carbs or need a quick dinner – we’ve got something you’ll love.


We source all the fresh and pre-portioned ingredients for you, then deliver an insulated cooler box to your home or office on Mondays.


Delivery is free of charge. All you need to do is unpack your box and use Chef Gino’s simple recipe cards to cook amazing dinners for your family!

Sissel – Founder & COO

Of course not! The great thing about your ‘subscription’ is that you’re in full control of your orders and when you receive a box. You can set your account on active and receive a box every week, or you can put your account on pause and only order for the week(s) where you want a delivery. You can even schedule delivery/non-deliveries multiple weeks in advance. We strive to make your life, schedule and dinner planning easier. All we ask is that you finalise your order for the coming Monday by the preceding Wednesday. There are no cancellation terms, hidden costs or enforced deliveries as part of your relationship with DayToDay.

Every box acts as an insulated cooler box ensuring that your ingredients stay fresh (no ingredients are frozen) and cool until you unpack your box at home. You’ll find all your recipe cards, ingredients, spices and sauces inside the box. Each item will be marked A B C D – helping you sort your items according to the 4 different dinner recipes. We care about the environment so your cooler box and packaging is recyclable – please see the instructions inside the box.

It’s very easy. Take a look at our meal plans and the recipes for the upcoming week. Pick the box that will feed your family (2 or 4ppl) and then click on the BUY NOW button. Once you’ve completed your delivery address, payment details and added a coupon code (if you have one) you’ll receive an email from us confirming your order. Welcome to the family!

We started this business because we want families around South Africa to eat fresh, healthy and whole foods. Each meal plan has been reviewed for macro and micro-nutrients to ensure that you get a healthy mix of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals.

We have production facilities in various parts of the country and serve customers in multiple cities and towns in South Africa. Deliveries are free of charge and take place on Mondays between 8am – 5pm, morning or afternoon deliveries can be requested. The best thing for you to do is click on ‘Where do you deliver?’ in the top menu on this site, enter your suburb and we’ll let you know if we can deliver to your door!

While we’ve created a few different meal plans to cater for different food preferences we don’t make any customisations or amendments to your box or Gino’s recipes. The great thing is that all your ingredients are individually packaged in the box. That way, if there’s a certain ingredient you don’t eat, you can easily just exclude it from your cooking. Please note that our production facility is not a nut-free environment.

Please send all media or marketing requests to [email protected] Gino does not take personal messages or ‘cooking’ requests, but I am willing to auction him off to the highest bidder if we can agree on a charity to send the money to.

We’re always looking for bright, hard-working and ambitious individuals to join our fast-growing business, If this sounds like you, email [email protected]